Guitar String Jewelry by Jewelree

Bass String Bangle by Jewelree
The Porter, a bass string, moonstone, and mixed glass bangle by Jewelree

Jewelree by Sheree Semonich is a unique line of handmade jewelry built around guitar strings adorned with colorful bead mixes. Sheree wraps guitar strings into bangles and embellishes them with gemstones and glass to create celebratory pieces inspired by her love of music. Better still, the guitar strings are reclaimed – they have literally been used to create music before being incorporated into these beautiful jewelry pieces. What’s more, musicians will appreciate that these bangles will not produce clanging sounds when they bang together.

Apart from their embodiment of musical energy, the jumble of sizes, shapes, textures, and colors lends intrigue to these bangles.

Guitar String Bangle by Jewelree
Guitar string bangle in the colors of the beach, by Jewelree

In addition to bangles, Jewelree offers a collection of guitar string earrings in that signature festive style. There are many more pieces in the Designs by Jewelree Etsy shop.

Flamingo earrings by Jewelree
Flamingo guitar string earrings by Jewelree
Flamingo Bracelet by Jewelree
Flamingo bangle by Jewelree