An Adventure in Texture: Tangled Earrings by Joanne Ortiz

Tangled Earrings by Joanne Ortiz of The Purple Lily Designs
Tangled Earrings by Joanne Ortiz of The Purple Lily Designs

Just look at that texture! Joanne Ortiz of The Purple Lily Designs has incorporated coils, tiny beads, the occasional protruding gemstone (who among us can not use the occasional protruding gemstone in our lives?), and the “messy” wrapping of the foundation wire itself to create multi-textured earrings that are easy to become lost in. Her use of mixed metals adds another level of intrigue. By varying the materials and the length and width of the earrings she has created quite a variety of tangled earrings, and there is no end to the possibilities. She has even used the technique to create pendants in a similar style. These earrings are simply breathtaking!

Tangled Earrings by Joanne Ortiz of The Purple Lily Designs
Tangled Earrings by Joanne Ortiz of The Purple Lily Designs

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Innovative Asian-Inspired Bail by Peggy McNatt

Asian-Inspired Wire Wrapped Bail by Peggy McNatt
Innovative Asian-Inspired Wire Wrapped Bail by Peggy McNatt

Yesterday I was captivated by this unusual wire wrapped bail by Peggy McNatt of the BeadAerie.  Here, Peggy has used standard wire wrapping tools and materials to produce a piece that is very different in style from the coils, spirals, and curves we might more typically think of when picturing wire wrapped jewelry.  I have long delighted in the look of classic wire wrapping, but I am thrilled to see something so different born of the same media.  There is a whole world of possibility to be explored in the simple tools of our trade.

More pictures of this necklace can be found here.  As for the rest of Peggy’s shop, the BeadAerie is filled with especially beautiful stones and lampwork glass artistically bound in silver to produce a collection of refined jewelry pieces.


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Popnicute’s Yayaya Necklace and Cocoon Beads

When I saw the Yayaya Necklace by Kay Sommers, the artist behind Popnicute jewelry, I knew I had to share it with you.


Aesthetically, the necklace is stunning.  But to my jewelry-making eyes, the creative structural construction was even more eye-catching.  Kay has incorporated one of her signature cocoon beads into this necklace; the bead serves both as the pendant’s bail and as a major design element of the piece.  Turning the structural necessities of jewelry such as bails, bezels, and clasps into decorative highlights is one of the aspects of wire wrapped jewelry that I find most intriguing.

Having completed the necklace, Kay moved on to create a pair of matching earrings.


Similar earrings are available in her Artfire shop.

Here are some other examples of the use of cocoon beads in Popnicute jewelry.


Recently, Kay made a basic cocoon bead tutorial available for purchase.  This tutorial teaches how to make basic cocoon beads like those shown below.  An advanced tutorial will be available in the future teaching how to expand on the basic bead in some of the ways shown above.


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