Inexpensive Jewelry Photography Tips

The Via U! Photography blog has just posted an excellent jewelry photography tutorial that can help you (and me!) achieve outstanding photography results by taking advantage of natural light and a few very inexpensive supplies.  In fact, they call it the $6 solution to jewelry photography, and I think they’ve definitely rounded up to reach the $6 cost.  Just look at the results.

The site has many other wonderful photography tutorials for those selling handmade items online, including one showing how to make a white background for photographing small items.


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Marketing Your Jewelry Business with Facebook

The New York Times has a helpful article today about how to market small businesses using Facebook.

Some key points, as it relates to jewelry artists:

  • Use a “page” rather than your personal profile for your small business marketing.  People will become your “fans” rather than your “friends,” and allow you to use your personal profile page for personal purposes.
  • Don’t push sales.  Many online venues that work well for marketing such as blogging, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook work best when they are used to develop relationships with your fans and customers.  Use Facebook to interact with your fans, allow them to get to know you and your jewelry better, and share interesting information with them.  Have you ever been to a furniture store where a pushy salesperson won’t just leave you alone and let you look around?  What if instead of hounding you they put out a plate of cookies, had a video playing of how a particular piece of furniture was made, and had a photo album of various arrangements and decor ideas for each furniture group?

I found this article helpful and plan to set up a Facebook page once I get this blog going. Maybe you’ll find it useful too.

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